At Impello®, we focus exclusively on the development of plant biostimulants.

Our unique line of biostimulants give growers the tools they need to achieve faster growth, higher yields, and better quality.


What are Biostimulants?

“Agricultural biostimulants include diverse formulations of compounds, substances and micro-organisms that are applied to plants or soils to improve crop vigour, yields, quality and tolerance of abiotic stresses.”

-European Biostimulants Industry Council

Why Impello?

  • Strong commitment to in-house R&D and scientific discovery.

  • Low application rates + High concentrations + Affordable prices = Better value

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed on all Impello biostimulants.

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Tribus® Microbes

Hyper-concentrated microbial inoculants for superior yield and flower quality

Tribus® Original

Advanced seedling-to-harvest bacterial inoculant designed for maximum efficiency in all size cultivation systems.

Proven Results:

+15% increase dry yield

+16% in stem diameter

+14% in growth rate

tribus® grow

High-performance bacterial inoculant for use in controlled environment cultivation systems during vegetative growth. 

tribus® bloom

High-performance bacterial inoculant for use in controlled environment cultivation systems during the flowering phase.


Innate™ Nutrients

Bio-stimulating liquid organic nutrients for superior yield and flower quality

Innate GROW // 5-4-2

Developed specifically for the vegetative phase of plant growth, Innate Grow™ provides an array of plant-available amino acids alongside macro and micronutrients for optimum plant health and productivity.

Innate Bloom  // 4-4-0.5

Developed specifically for the flowering phase of plant growth, Innate Bloom™ utilizes an amino-acid rich hydrolysate base with added fulvic acid and kelp to provide the plant with everything it needs for massive, high-quality harvests. 

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from fruit and vegetable seed producers...

Like Takii Seed Company's R&D farm in Yuma, AZ


to controlled environment agriculture

Tribus is a perfect addition to any growers arsenal.

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Who's using Tribus?

Everyone from hobby gardeners to farmers growing 10,000 acres are seeing how Tribus helps plants thrive.



Whether you need a 100mL sample or 275 gallon totes, we can take care of you.


tribus complements any high intensity grow

Tribus is growth-promoting in all medias and environments.


Versatile. powerful.

Almost all plants can benefit from Tribus.

DISCLAIMER: Impello® products are to be used in accordance with state and local law. Impello products are intended for plant growth.