Organic Nutrients

Simple. Sustainable. Organic.

bio-stimulating liquid organic nutrients for superior yield and flower quality


Innate grow

Developed specifically for the vegetative phase of plant growth, Innate Grow™ provides an array of plant-available amino acids alongside macro and micronutrients for optimum plant health and productivity.

A high polypeptide content and a 2:1 carbon to nitrogen ratio in Innate Grow™ provide unconventional forms of nutrients and improve soil health and bioactivity for faster, healthier plant growth. 


Innate Bloom

To meet the plant's high nutrient requirements during the flowering phase, Innate Bloom™ utilizes an amino-acid rich hydrolysate base with added fulvic acids and kelp to provide the plant with everything it needs for massive, high-quality harvests. 

Complex polypeptide compounds and a 3:1 carbon to nitrogen ratio in Innate Bloom™ stimulate the plant's metabolism and provide a foodsource for soil microbes for improved flower yield and oil content.