TRIBUS BLOOM: Bacterial Biostimulant Designed for Flower


TRIBUS BLOOM: Bacterial Biostimulant Designed for Flower

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Available in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Ohio, Michigan, Massachusetts, Kentucky, Washington, & New York.

Tribus Bloom is a blend of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) specifically designed to optimize flowering growth by providing enhanced drought and salt stress resistance, increased nutrient and water use efficiency.

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 Application rates: 1 ml per gallon of nutrient solution

100 % Satisfaction Guarantee

As plants transition from vegetative growth into the flowering phase, their nutrient requirements change as well. In turn, the soil environment, known as the soil microbiome, can be manipulated to complement the changes in the plant and facilitate perfect, robust flower production. 

By selecting bacterial species that maximize phosphorous, potassium, and iron mobilization, our Tribus Bloom is a potent addition to every grower's arsenal. In addition to the benefits of nutrient mobilization and aided uptake, the microbes chosen for Tribus Bloom provide enhanced drought and salt stress resistance, increased nutrient and water use efficiency.

Tribus Bloom not only mobilizes nutrients and protects the roots from damage, but the plant-microbe interactions help the plant select and uptake nutrients more efficiently, improving plant health for better looks, smells, tastes, and yields.  

Together, these bacteria:

  • mobilize phosphorus and solubilize potassium
  • aid in iron, manganese, and micronutrient uptake
  • help eliminate pH problems by increasing plant uptake of nutrients over wide pH range
  • maintain root health and surface area for optimum water and nutrient use efficiency (WUE/NUE) 
  • protect plant roots from nutrient burns, salt deposits, drought, and other stresses
  • produce enzymes and other biochemicals that mobilize nutrients and aid in nutrient uptake
  • One year guaranteed shelf life 

Available in both conventional and OMRI-certified liquid formulations.


-Bacillus amyloliquefaciens

-Bacillus subtilis

-Bacillus pumilus

-Brevibacillus laterosporus

-Bacillus licheniformis


14,500,000,000 CFU/ml

(14.5 billion colony forming units per milliliter) 


growth promotion for increased yields during flowering phase


hydroponic, soilless, or soil based container growing applications; agricultural (field) 

Application rates (container): 

Rate: 1ml - 3ml/gallon of nutrient solution 

Frequency: Once per week, or as often as every watering

Application rates (field): 

Rate: 1-10 L/acre

Frequency: 2-4 applications per month