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Reduced nitrogen levels prevent excess leafy growth during the flowering phase, while a blend of fulvic and humic acids provide an ideal 3:1 carbon:nitrogen ratio for soil microbes to optimize productivity and plant performance. Additional kelp and Allganic Nitrogen provide high levels of organic potassium and readily-available nitrogen with micronutrients to ensure maximum high-quality yields. Oil and terpene production is boosted thanks to the high content of biostimulating amino acid compounds, which are known to enhance flower quality and plant performance.   

Innate Bloom™ can be used in coco, peat-lite, soil, and rockwool medias. 

Innate Bloom™ may be mixed with other organic and conventional nutrients and microbial inoculants.

For use as a stand-alone fertilizer or as a supplement to any conventional fertilizer program.

Stand alone:

Use 30mL/gallon of nutrient solution every other watering.

Adjust quantity and frequency as necessary, like during intensive flowering.


Use 5-30mL/gallon at least once per week, or as frequently as every watering. 

Mix in to your current nutrient solution just prior to watering and adjust pH as necessary. 

Ingredient list:

-Liquid fish hydrolysate stabilized with phosphoric acid


-Allganic Nitrogen 15-0-2

-Fulvic and Humic acids 

-OMRI™ Certified

Application Instructions:

For container growing applications, begin with 30ml/gallon every other watering and adjust as needed. 

For field applications, begin with 2 gallons/acre and adjust as necessary. 

Do not dilute more Innate Bloom™ than will be used within 24 hours; maintain circulation for optimum results. 

Always test-mix fertilizer solutions on a small scale to ensure compatibility first!